Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Were You Once A Sailor?

I want to post, but I don't want to post. My eyes are so tired they feel like they're going to bleed. But they feel like if they do, it will be dry blood.

Because they are so dry.

I flipflop a lot.

I like things and I don't; and I like to do things and I don't want to do them, and it's a confusing place to be.

I wrote a sestina because I hate sestinas. And I like my sestina.

Also, I was in the middle of writing another sestina, although I hate them, because I enjoyed writing the first one so much.

But I was interrupted. And haven't gotten back to it.

In high school they tell you not to use the word got, or variations thereof.

I say fuck them.

I love got.

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